Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Beginning

Hello from sunny California...well, not sunny at the moment. It is currently 11:35 in the PM. I've had great changes in my life since moving here. My vacation from Michigan seems to be on a rather permanent level. My health is slowing improving without having the severe winter blahs I used to get in Michigan. I also am doing self therapy in the PTSD realm, slowly allowing myself to get out into the world at my own pace. It's easier with all the sun and nice weather. My spirits seem happier and healthier here.

I am also into my third month of a three year study to become officially a Priestess in the Correllian tradition. I find myself in a strange place, understanding their teachings as if they pulled them from my own mind and experiences. It's comforting (but weird) to know there are people out there that believe the same as I. I have a wonderful Mentor who has been very encouraging as I progress through my lessons. At the end of my training, I shall make a pilgramage to the Mother Temple to be officially accepted into it.

It sounds so culty when I put it like that. The Correllian tradition, for those curious, is simply a sect of Wicca, basing their belief system on Ancient religions. They believe, as I do, that the world began in Chaos...(hence, before finding them, I was a Discordian). I'm getting an A in my lessons, and my exercises are becoming easier each passing day. Of course, once they get so easy I can do it without thinking, there is another part to add to them. I don't necessarily belief in aquiring the objects they want me to have, but I do have a lovely silver pentacle necklace and an Eastern Dragon athame. I am supposed to make a wand as well, but I think this is pushing it a bit. I might just make one as an art project and then never use it. Right now I am searching for a chalice...not because I feel I need one but because I think they can be beautiful works of art in their own right. All of my objects are special to me...and isn't that really the point?

Anyway, the hour grows late and I have a friend in need of priestessing.

Until next time